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Chapter 1.2. A Model for Strategic Planning, Analyzing Cases and Decison Making

Chapter 1.3 Forest & Forest Case

Chapter 2. Influencing / Persuading

Chapter 3. Negotiating / Conflict Resolution

Chapter 4. Networking / Self Marketing

Chapter 5. Entrepreneuring / Venturing

Chapter 6. Business Plan Outline

Chapter 7. HBS Case Method Deprives Students of An Authentic Learning Experience

Chapter 8. Improving Your Ability to Recognize Business Opportunities

Chapter 9. Why Business Schools Need to Know What MBAs Want to Learn and How to Find Out

Chapter 10. What do MBAs Want and What Do They Get?

Chapter 11. Applying Services Marketing Concepts to the Administration of A Business School

Chapter 12. A Model of the Business School as A Developer of Achievers

Chapter 13. Obtaining More Options in Your 401(k) or 403 (b) Retirement Plan

Chapter 14. Breathe Slowly - Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Chapter 15. The Body Mass Index (BMI) Is Wrong


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Key Words

Case Study Analysis, Creative Decision Analysis, Influencing, Negotiating, Networking, Career Development, Business Plan Outline, Entrepreneuring.

Who Is Likely to Benefit from This Website?

The first 8 Chapters should be especially helpful to:
    1. Business students,
    2. Business managers and analysts,
    3. And everyone else who wants to:
        a) Make better decisions,
        b) Become more influential,
        c) Negotiate more effectively,
        d) Make better contacts,
        e) Succeed in a new business venture.

Chapters 9 to 12 should be especially useful for business school Faculty and Administrators.

Chapter 13 is addressed to people whose employers offer a 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plan.

Chapter 14 is addressed to people who want to: reduce their blood pressure, fall asleep more easily, warm their hands and/or relieve muscle cramps.

These Materials Were Developed by . . .

Dr. Leon Winer, who is Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Pace University. These instructions were originally prepared for helping students at Pace University to analyze business case studies, to influence, negotiate, network and write business plans. They were developed and refined over a period of years. Thousands of students and business managers have used them and found them useful. This material is offered free of charge.

Dr. Winer's Credentials:

Ph.D. - Columbia University.  
M.B.A. - Rutgers University.
B.S. - Long Island University.

Seven years in Business: Mobil, as Planning Analyst.  IBM, as Business Scientist.

Thirty three years Business School teaching at Pace University and Baruch College, mostly in MBA programs. Developed innovative teaching methods.

One hundred articles and papers. One book (this website is derived from the book).

Consulting: AT&T, Nynex, IBM.


These instructions were developed for classroom use. In every instance, students received live classroom teaching for using the instructions. Students enjoyed many opportunities to receive answers to their questions and receive comments on their written reports.

The present situation is different. Viewers of this website can read the instructions and print them and study them. There is no opportunity to participate in classroom question and answer sessions or to receive comments on written reports.

Therefore, no promises or guarantees are made regarding the results you will obtain by using these instructions.


An e-mail address is offered to viewers: doctorwiner@yahoo.com. You are invited to send in comments and questions. You will receive answers promptly. Eventually, a page will be organized around the Frequently Asked Questions concept.

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